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Welcome to Tracy’s Treats!

My company was born out of my own personal skin care needs. I have extremely sensitive skin and have tried everything that I could get my hands on hoping that it would make a difference. After much research, I concluded it was the store bought soaps and lotions that I had grown up using on a daily bases that were doing more damage than good to my skin. 

As I read and started experimenting, I quickly discovered and gradually perfected my passion of mixing, formulating and harmonizing these truly remarkable natural ingredients, and turned that energy into a business in 2004.

I have since grown into a unique line of 14 skin care products, all handmade at my Tracy's Treats Store, located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

Here at Tracy's Treats, I only use all natural ingredients, no artificial colors or preservatives and never test my products on animals,  just family and friends.

My products are made with Raw, Certified Organic, Wild Crafted Shea Butter exclusively from the village of Nasia, near Tamale, in the Northern Region of Ghana. Shea Butter, which is an all natural moisturizer that you can use head to toe, comes from the Karité Tree and is high in fatty acids and rich and vitamins A, E and F, which makes it very healing on all skin types. I have received many customer testimonials with eczema, psoriasis, cracked heels, calluses, razor burn, skin rash, scar tissue, etc. ..

I make All Natural Lip Balm 100% Pure Shea Butter   Whipped Shea Butter 
Large Shea Butter Lotion Bars  Small Shea Butter Lotion Bars  Shea Butter Lotion Hearts
Shea Butter Soap Bars
 Shea Butter Shower Gels Dead Sea Bath Salts  Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrubs  Body Splash  Room Sprays  and Foaming Soaps in over 20 different scents and sensations!

I hope you enjoy all of my treats as much as I do!


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